Azumi Jin
Azuma Jin
Biographical Information
Kanji/Kana 安曇 仁
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age  ? (Deceased)
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Affiliation Muhou School
Style Unknown Swordsmen Style
Manga Debut Chapter 121
Last Appearance Chapter 121

Azumi Jin is the Commander of the 24th Corps of the Muhou School.


Jin has black wild hair that is slightly brushed back and two strands hanging from the front. he wears a white over shirt with black colored shoulders and pads, over a black under shirt, white pants, black socks, and sandals.


Jin showed himself to care for his men, as he was willing to strike down Kiyomori after he had mocked them. After witnessing Kiyomori's strength, however, he showed himself to be desperately willing to go back on his previous display of honour.


Not much of Jin's past is known, besides the fact that he at one point joined the Muhou School, where he would become a Corps Commander.


Yamanoue Kiyomori ArcEdit

When Kiyomori had insulted his men, Jin stands up for them and tells him that his insults wont go unanswered. He then ask Shimon, who was passing by with Ranmaru, what would happen to him if he kills a member of the personal corps. He then attacks Kiyomori but realizes that he cant move his arm. Kiyomori the explains to him that he had paralyzed his arm. Jin then has his other arm and left paralyzed. Jin then tries to get Kiyomori to stop but Kiyomori tells him to say that he is sorry. Jin the tries to apologizes but Kiyomori rip outs his heart. Jin then drops to the floor after kiyomori crushes his heart.


Jin's skills as a swordsman was never seen in combat, but he was probably quite capable, seeing that he was able to become a Corps Commader of the Muhou school.