Chapter 3
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter Three
Volume Volume 1
Arc Tengen School Arc
Pages 36
Chapter 2 Chapter 4

Chapter 3 is the third chapter of the Gamaran Series.

Front PageEdit

Gama is holding his sword while yelling.


The day defore the tournament Maki talks with the Tengen School about becoming the strongest. When the tournament starts Gama suddenly appears and put the Tengen School on the defensive.


Maki is talking to the members of the Tengen School about becoming the strongest school. The members express their desire to fighter in the tournament. When Naosada shows up, Maki the Tengen School that he is their lord. Naosada informs the Tengen School about the Ogame and where their base is. When the tournament starts, Junnosuke heads out, but is cut down when Gama suddenly appears. Gama charges in while the Tengen School is in a state of confusion and cuts Maki's eye.

Elsewhere, Naoyoshi is thinks about how Gama has invaded the enemy's base. Naoyoshi then remembers his conversation with Gama three days ago. Naoyoshi wishes for Gama to not to die. Back at the temple, Member of the Tengen School quickly rush to Maki's side. When the Tengen School collect themselves, Gama quickly takes out another of their members. Gama then thinks about having to face three members.

Hiyoshi then tries to catch Gama off guard but Gama quickly counter attacks. Maki then counters Gama's counter, forcing Gama to retreat. Gama then notices that Maki is using a Bisento. Maki then says that the three members left are going to attack at the same time.



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