Chapter 5
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter Five
Volume Volume 2
Arc Tengen School Arc
Pages 20
Chapter 4 Chapter 6

Chapter 5 is the fifth chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front pageEdit

Eima is talking about how Gama was about to copied with Renge , while Maki tells Gama that he is glad he that he came to the Haunt of demons too.


Eima decides to take on Gama, and while doing so he remember when he first meet Maki.


Eima complains how Gama was able to block Renge. Maki then tells Gama that he is glad that he came to the Haunt of Demons too. Eima then steps forward and challenges Gama to an one on one fight. Eima then tells Hiyoshi that if he loses, then he will finish Gama off. Gama then takes a stance, which Eima wonders what Gama is doing. Eima then charges forward.

Eima then remembers how he meet Maki by challenging him to a duel. After losing 15 times, Eima decides to join Maki. Eima then remembers when Maki told him that he was going to the Haunt of Demons. Eima then continues his attack but Gama blocks with his arm and slash Eima's leg. Eima then pulls a dagger out and stabs Gama in the arm. Hiyoshi then jumps out from behind Eima, but Gama kills him by throwing him sword in Hiyoshi's neck. Gama then grabs Hiyoshi's Body and charges at Maki.





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