Chapter 7
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter Seven
Arc Tengen School Arc
Pages 20
Chapter 6 Chapter 8

Chapter 7 is the seventh chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

Maki thinks to himself how their dream has come to an end, as he dies.


Gama wins the against the Tengen School and heads back. On his way back, Gama meet with Kudou Shimon, who inform Gama about the other two schools.


Maki tells Gama that he had a get fight, which Gama agrees. Maki then thinks that his and Eima's their dream has come to an end, ashe dies. Gama then thinks that he will never forget the fight, as he leaves. Outside the temple an tournament announcer crosses the Tengen School off the list. At Naoyoshi's Home, Naoyoshi is told that Gama has attack the Tengen School.

While Gama is walking back, he complains about the walk back and his arm. Gama then heards a voice and tries to attack but Shimon stops him. Shimon then introduces himself and tells Gama that he is gathering information. Gama and Shimon then have a brief conversation. Shimon then informs Gama about the Nakiazumi School and the Kyousen School.





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