Biographical Information
Kanji/Kana 忠次
Rōmaji Chuuji
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age  ?(Decease)
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Occupation Raid Division Member
Affiliation Muhou School
Style Unknown Style
Manga Debut Chapter 57
Last Appearance Chapter 82

Chuuji is a member of the Muhou School, and an underling of Maniwa Juuhou.


Chuuji is a young man of average height with short black hair and black bags under the eyes, giving him a sleepy look. He wears a martial artist uniform with shirt, pants and bandanges over the shins. He also wears special gauntlets called "Onigote".


Chuuji is calm, confident and very careful. He prefers to keep his power secret rather than showing it right away. Unlike Shinjirou, who seems to be his closest friend, he adopts a more careful approach to battle. However he can also shows signs of fear, like he did after witnessing Iori's power.


At some point in the past he joined the Muhou School and was hired in the second raid squad.


Myoujin School ArcEdit

Chuuji is seen in the ceiling of the Jouchi School, spying the battle between the Ogame School and the Myoujin School from a hole. As Naokatsu is killed by Banri, he and the others crash down through the ceiling. He, Yamashita and Shinjirou prepares to fight Sengoku Iori.

Muhou Invasion ArcEdit

As Iori is about to finish Shinjirou off, Chuuji intervenes, blocking his sword with his knuckledusters. Iori gives him a 7 out of ten and then kick him. However, Chuuji smirks as he manages to wrap his opponents in chain and tries to restrain him with Shinjirou's help. Still gets shocked when he sees that Iori is unfazed and manages to overpower them even chained. When Maniwa is killed by Shin, Chuuji takes the command and orderds the retreat.

Iori Invasion ArcEdit

Later, he's seen at the castle, witnessing Iori's arrival. Chuuji, along with Soun, Shibano Ippi and Shinjirou prepare and ambush for Iori. Chuuji tries to kill him with a flail, but is impaled by Iori's Kosen attack and killed.


Chuuji is a very careful, wise fighter. He's very pragmatic and isn't above using hidden weaponry to take down his enemies. Iori gave him a 7 out of ten, making him more dangerous than Shinjirou or Tagosaku. He also carries various weapons with him


  • Chuuji's Gauntlets: Chuuji's primary weapons are two gauntlets made of metal plates and a thick, studded knuckleduster, strong enough to block a sword.
  • Chuuji's Chains: Chuuji carries some chains tipped with spheres on him, which he mainly uses to constrict his opponents.
  • Chuuji's Unnamed Flail: Chuuji's last weapon, is a large ball full of sharp spikes connected to a ring on Chuuji's fingers by a chain.