Kurogane Gama
Biographical Information
Kanji/Kana 黒鉄我間
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 15-16 (alive)

18 (Gamaran:Shura)

Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Family Jinsuke Kurogane (father)
Affiliation Ogame School
Style Ogame Ryú
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Last Appearance Chapter 194
Kurogane Gama is the main protaganist of the Gamaran series. He is a member of the Ogame School. He was a vassal under Naoyoshi when he competed in the Grand Unabara Tournament. Gama is also the son of Jinsuke Kurogane.


Gama is small for his age, speaking in terms of his body type. He has the average height of a thirteen year old, but lacks some of the upper body strength. However, he is not weak. His hair is very spiky, and it reaches passed his neck. The color of the hair looks as if it's a dark blue color. His eyes seem to be slightly smaller than others, and the eye color is red.


Gama as he appeared at the start of the series.

Gama wears a purplish over shirt, with a blue under shirt. The over shirt is a very baggy shirt and the sleeves reach passed his elbows. The under shirt, is baggy as well, but the sleeves stop at the elbows. He wears red pants, that look similar to what a samurai would wear. These pants are loose and have to be held up with a belt, which is red. He carries two swords around with him, but only uses one at a time. He wears his head band around his neck. His shoes are brown and made to move fast in.

After the one year time skip Gama has matured physicaly. Having a new lean cut body as a result of his training, he has grown taller, his hair has grown longer and flakey, His facial apperance has changed and matured slightly. He wears a new sleek purplish undershirt shirt with white lining and a white over shirt with the Ogame emblem on the side of the sleves and a white cape with the Ogame School Emblem on the back and a pair of purplish battle gloves with red baggy pants.

Personality Edit

Gama likes to kid around, but his passion towards the sword and martial arts is no joke. Though he tends to play around or not take opponents seriously, Gama possess enough instinct and maturity to understand when it's time to get serious. He is highly skilled with the sword. He is quite the glutton and has even chosen food over money. Gama will do anything to prove that he is stronger than his opponent. After a year Gama has shown a more mature and calm yet quick tempered personality.


9 years ago, Gama was brought to the Ogame Dojo by his father, where he was told the it was to be his new home.

Plot Edit

Introduction ArcEdit

He first appears when Naoyoshi Washitzu appears with Hyouga brothers to test the skills of his father, a famous and legendary swordsmen. He quickly and easily defeats the youngest of the brothers without even using his sword and knocks him out. After talking to Nayoshi he tells him that his father has been gone for years and no one knows where he is. He then gets into a battle with the eldest of the Hyouga brothers. He then displays some of his true skill and soundly defeats the man. Before dealing the finishing blow Nayoshi stops him. He then goes on to tell Gama and all who are in attendance about the Haunt Of Demons and agrees to join because he wants to become stronger.

Once getting into a town he quickly goes to a shop to gets something to eat. He hears of Maki Baian who is famously known as Drunken Baian due to his great love of sake. He then meets him by chance and they share a few words, Baian attacks him quickly and he gains a nosebleed. He then goes after him as he walks away and attempts to copy the technique that Baian just used on him surprising Baian.

Nayoshi comes and yells at him for leaving him to go off on his own and Gama and Baian part ways. Gama and Nayoshi go and register for the Haunt Of Demons tournament. Nayoshi delivers some medince for his sick mother but doesn't see her and Gama asks why until he reveals that he is despised by his mother. And that he is looked down upon by his other brothers because his mother is a commoner. Gama finally understands why Nayoshi is so determined to win the tournament and become Daimyo and Nayoshi's words of betting his life on him.

After learning about the rules of the first round of the tournament. The then decides to spend three days scoping out the area when the Tengen Ryu is based.

Tengen School ArcEdit

He then commences and attack quickly taking out the students of the school even though he is out numbered. Though, he meant to take them all down with only one strike. He gets down to the final three which includes Baian, they try to attack him all at once he quickly blocks and deal with their attacks and attempt to take them down one by one he though he gets injured he moves on until he finally battles Baian. Baian gives gama a hard time but is still soundly defeated and killed. Baian states that he regrets that his dream of making tengen ryu the strongest style ends here and Gama vows to always remember him and his strength because he was strong. He then leaves, with only one survior of the Tengen Ryu School left.

Nakaizumi School ArcEdit

In the aftermath he meets Kudou Shimon who was gathering information on the Tengen Ryu styles because his leader told him to, believing that school would be the school to make it to the second round. He surprises Gama when he tells him he lurked around for three days just like him, yet Gama didn't notice him at all. He tells Gama he might not be able to use his left arm for a month because of the injury and avdvises him retire from the competition. Gama however refuses to do so. He then goes to tell Gama about his other two opponents, Kyousen Style and the Nakaizumi style. And tells him in his opinion he will never make it to the next round.

Gama then heads to town to see a doctor, and Kudou tells him he must spy on him now since he defeated the Tengen Ryu School to gather information on him for his leader. Gama doesn't seem to care as he is soon attack by a fast and powerful arrow. It misses Gama and Kudou tells him he should run because he is injured and has already had a intense battle and since it's a archer he is up against he is in the worst situation. Gama decides to fight since there are so many trees to give him cover he quickly decides this is the best place to fight an archer. Another shot fires and misses and Gama speeds into the forest quickly realising the location of the archer. He quickly finds Arata Nakaizumi but gets shot with an arrow from the side. His leg injured he takes cover and removes the arrow. He realises it was a trap to think he could win in the forrest in the first place and that there are more than one archers, however once he takes the arrow out he realises that there is is only Arata Nakaizumi and that he is capable of curving his shots. After dodging a few shots he realises he is straight in his shooting range. He then barely blocks Arata's strongest arrow. However he takes a stance to prepare for the next shot and effectively blocks it and changes the trajectory of the shot. He gets in closer and angers Arata. Arata shoots his most powerful shot with his strongest arrow for a deadly combo but Gama manages to block it. He quickly gets in on Arata finally and holds his sword to his neck. Arata asks him to kill him but Gama refuses and tells him to perfect his style and he admits defeat.

Kyousen School ArcEdit

Gama is resting and recovering from his two previous battles he has been sleeping for three days straight. Until the place where he has been staying with Naoyoshi is attacked by three martial artists from the kyousen school. The final opponents of the first round. Souji, Genzou, and Shinosuke Daimaru the second, third and fourth sons (respectively) of the Daimaru clan of the Kyousen school attempt a sneak attack while Gama is recovering believing he would be an easy target. Though, Gorou Daimaru comes with them he does not aid them in their attack, only watching and standing guard from afar. Arrogant and overconfident, they believed Gama would be an easy target, yet all three were killed by Gama with little difficulty. Ryugo Daimaru appears before Gama giving him the time and place in which he will fight Sakon the strongest of the Kyosen Ryu. Gama goes and battles Sakon Daimaru, the young head and prodigy of the Kyosen School. After a back and fourth battle Gama defeats and kills Sakon but is disappointed that he couldn't fight the real Sakon since Ryūgo's actions actually ruined Sakon's true potential, by turning him into nothing more than a 'mindless beast'. Ironically, Ryūgo is killed by Sakon, who shatters Ryūgo's spine while in his berserk state.

Post Round One ArcEdit

Iori appears before him and tells him he is still weak and then takes him off to train. He returns just before the begining of the second round. And meets who with Nayoshi, Zenmaru, and Shinnojou who has arrived to help in the tournament. He meets Ranmaru the personal student of his father who ignites a rivalry between them by saying he would one day like to see who is stronger, he who has inherited his fathers techniques, or Gama, who is the son of his master.

Second Round ArcEdit

Gama later arrives and save Zenmaru from being killed. He then attends the meeting with the rest and where he meets Ranmaru. After the meeting, Gama encounter Jaki and Kotarou who ambush the Ogame School outside the castle. He then faces them and kills them both.

Tamagakushi School Arc Edit

When the Tamagakushi School attacked, Gama rushes to Naoyoshi side when Naoyoshi ran away. He stops Muraku from killing Naoyoshi and faces his in battles until Fujibayashi Saizou enters the fry. Gama then faces Saizou and notices that through out the battles, his arm and leg stopped moving. He then figures out Saizou's techniques and undoes it. Gama then uses Narukami to cut Saizou in half. He then turns his attention to Muraku but Muraku had disappeared. When Naoyoshi collapses, Gama takes Naoyoshi to a temple to heal along with Zenmaru and Shinnojou, who show up after the fight.

Shinnojou's Revenge ArcEdit

Ranmaru arrives to escort them to face the spear school, Myoujin School who are known for their four spearman the four divine spears. When Gama and the rest encounter the Souen School, Gama steps forward to deal with them but Shinnojou instead handles it. Gama then continues to the Myoujin School with the rest.

Myoujin School ArcEdit

After Gama and the rest arrive at the location, Gama takes on Midou Shingo of the Myoujin School. After narrowly dodging most of Midou's attack, Gama was able to kill him. During Zenmaru's match, Gama is shocked to learn that Zenmaru comes from a noble family. After Zenmaru's match, Gama steps forward to face Ichiou, but Iori and Shinnojou show up. Gama then argues with Iori about his arrival. When Banri concedes his match, Gama steps forward to behead Naokatsu, which Naoyoshi stops. When Naokatsu is stabbed, Gama does to attack kill him but Naoysohi tells him that he will kill Naokatsu.

Muhou Invasion ArcEdit

After Banri kills Naokatsu they are attacked by the Muhou school which was created and lead by his father. They attempt to kidnap nayoshi by orders of Jinsuke but Gama runs off with him only to be completely defeated by Ranmaru.

Juuren Village ArcEdit

In the aftermath they return to Ogame Ryu Dojo and decide what to do. Iori thinks it's time to take Gama and Zenmaru to a special place to become stronger and become an Ogame School elite, Juren Village the "Holy Land" of the Ogame School. Which is outside of Unabara. Gama then agrees and says that he will do anything to get stronger.

Days later while heading to Juuren Village, Gama asks Iori if he will get strong at the Village. When Iori tells him yes, Gama says that they should get their faster, so that he can get stronger so he can go save Naoyoshi. Zenmaru then yells at Gama says that if was his fault and not Gama's. Gama then yells back at Zenmaru, when suddely they are attacked. Gama dodges and wonder who is the girl that attacked them. Gama then started to tell her that age doesn't matter, when she gloats over how she is older. When her father comes, and introduces themselves and that they are allies of the Ogame School. Rintarou then asks who they are, which Gama introduces himself. Gama then asks Rintarou if he can take them to Juuren Village, when he does. While traveling to the village, Gama asks how Rintarou got here, which Rintarou tells him. After exiting the tunnel and entering Juuren Village, Kamedenbou tells them that the first leader of the Ogame School created the village.

When they enter the dojo, Gama is introduces Mika, Kawasaki, and Shimoda to them. When Rinatoru tells them to rest, Gama says that he has to start training as soon as possible. When Rintarou shows Gama how weak he is, Gama starts to cry and says that he wants to get stronger.

After some days of rest, Gama begins his training with Zenmaru. Gama then thinks about how Rintarou is underestimating them after hearing the training. Gama then attacks but Rinatorou dodges. After Zenmaru fails to hit Rintarou, Gama attacks with Shidensen and Kosen, but is surprised when Rintarou was able to dodge it. then after trying all day, Gama is exhuasted and wonder why he can't land a blow. Gama then listens when Rintarou says why Gama can't land a blow on him. Gama then continues to try to land a blow for a over a month but fails.

Gama then trains one night, when Yumeji enters. Gama then talks with Yumeji about why he has to get stronger. Gama then listens as Yumeji is about to tells him was he need to learn when Zenmaru comes in yelling at Gama. Gama then listens as Yumeji tells him what he need to learn. Gama then trains with Zenmaru in order to land a blow on Rintarou.

After a month, Gama returns with Zenmaru after training. Gama then attacks Rintarou alone and when catches him off guard. Gama then attacks again but Rintarou blocks it. Gama then evades Rintarou's next attack and counter by knocking Rintarou wooden sword out of his hands and landing a blow. After completing the first part, Gama is surprised when he hears that Shinnojou, and Iori are dueling. After Iori and Shinnojou's duel, Gama is with the others and wonders why Iori entered a duel to choose who would be the next leader. Later, Gama confronts Iori and asks if he is heads to meet Jinsuke. Gama then listens as Iori says that he is going to meet with Jinsuke and for Gama to get stronger. Gama then stands with a serious face, as Iori leaves.

The next day, Gama and Zenmaru head up the mountain to start their main training. After then mountain top, Gama asks if the guy up their is Kashitarou. After telling Kashitarou that they here to train, Kashitarou tells them his condition. Gama then shocks Kashitarou when Gama reveals that they can meet his condition. Gama and Zenmaru then bring Senka to the mountain top, and watch as Senka injures Kashitarou for being a pervert. When Kashitarou refuses to train them, Gama attacks him after witnessing his sword skills. Gama then has a sword put to his neck when Kashitarou dodges. Gama then listens as Kashitarou agrees to train them.

When Kashitarou asks why they want to get stronger, Gama tells him. Gama is then depressed when Kashitarou examine him and Zenmaru. Gama then listens Kashitarou tells them about the human body. Gama then has needle put into his body, and Kashitarou tells them that he will remove them once they preform a double slash. Gama then picks up a rock and preforms a double slash. 

Iori Invasion ArcEdit

Days Later, Gama is swinging his sword and thinking about how he will beat his father and save Naoyoshi.

Year Later ArcEdit

A year later, Gama returns from the mountain with Zenmaru and Kashitarou. When he reaches the bottom of the mountain, Gama notices the Muhou Soldiers and saves Yumeji from being killed. Gama then greets the others and apologizes for making them wait. When Yumeji says that Gama has probably gotten stronger, Gama tells her that he has. When Mamiya Challenges Gama, Gama tells his to quit while their ahead, because they aren't going to lose. Mamiya then tells Gama to save it until after Gama wins, and attacks which Gama easily dodges. Gama then dodges  Mamiya's next chain of attack with ease. Gama then tells Mamiya how he is able to dodges Mamiya's attack. Gama then says that Mamiya won't be able to hit him and walks away. When Mamiya attacks again, Gama easily catches it. Gama then sweeps Mamiya's leg and defeats his with Kosen Mutou.

Gama then leaves the room with the others. Gama then notices Zenmaru and what he is up against. Gama then offers to help, but Zenmaru declines. Gama then watches as Zenmaru defeats all his opponents. When Shinnojou shows up, Gama goes up to him and comments at how Shinnojou has gotten stronger. When Yumeji worry about the others,  Gama comments about Kamedenbou being the previous leader of the Ogame School. When they heads over to were the others are, Gama is shocked to fine out the his father is come here.

Gama then heads to the from gate, where he meets with his dad, Jinsuke and Ranmaru. Gama then tells his dad to cut the crap when Jinsuke comments about Gama's age. Gama then remembers what his father told him 6 years ago. Gama then tells his father that he will never forgive him and charges at Jinsuke. Gama is then blocked by Ranmaru. Gama then tells Ranmaru that he is different from a years ago. Gama then pushes forward, but Ranmaru diverts the attack. Gama then tells Ranmaru that he can now read his attacks. Gama then attacks with Shidensen and cuts Ranmaru's blade in half. When Jinsuke stops the match, Gama tells him that he is going to cut his down now. Gama then feels fear when Jinsuke puts his hand forward. Gama then listens when Jinsuke tells them that their is a month left until Naoyoshi's role is done. Gama then tells them that he is not going to let them kill Naoyoshi and that Naoyoshi is not their tool. Gama then listens as Jinsuke tells them that he will be waiting in Jouka as he leaves. Ranmaru then tells him that he will kill Gama, but Gama says that he won't lose to him.

Later, Gama and everyone are planning their assault when they get to Jouka.

47 Corps ArcEdit

The next day, Gama, Zenamaru, Shinnojou, and Kashitarou says their farewell to the other before they depart. Gama then tells Yumeji that he will return victorious and that she should be more feminine much to her shock. Gama then leaves with the others. The next day, When Kashitarou asks if they are at Unabara yet, Gama tells him that they should be at the entrance soon. They then come across a rope bridge, which Gama says is the entrance of Unabara. Gama then notices that their are two opponents at the otherside of the bridge. Gama then watches as Zenmaru takes on the opponents. Gama then says that he has a eerie feeling about Zenmaru's opponent's which Zenmarus tells Gama to not interfere. When one the opponent's pulls out a chakram, Gama listens as Kashitarou says what it is. When Zenmaru gets the upper hand, Gama says that Zenmaru is going to win, which Kashitarou says to not underestimate them. Gama is the shocked when the opponents blow up the bridge with Zenmaru and Shinnojou on it.

Later, Gama is walking by a river with Kashitarou. When Kashitarou asks if it is alright to not look for Zenmaru and Shinnojou, Gama says that its fine since they are heading to the same place. Gama then takes a break with Kashitarou and talk about the opponent that Zenmaru faced. They then start walking again when they are ambushed. Gama dodges when one attacks from above. He then notices a second attacker and dodges when he punches. Gama then wonder how he was able to smash a wall with such a scrawny body. Gama then notices that they are the same as the once that attack them on the bridge and draws his sword. When one attacks, Gama spins and cut the guy down. When another creates a smokescreen, Gama easily divert his next attack and cuts him down. When a spearmen attacks, Gama easily disarms him. When the spearmen still attacks, Gama kills him with Kosen. Gama then cuts down two more and goes for the last one, but Kibe jumps on the last.

When Kibe introduces himself, Gama notices that he is dangerous and enters a stance. Gama then sees Kibe's weapon and wonder if Kibe can swing it. Gama then thinks about how he can counter Kibe's attacks. When Kibe's charges, Gama then dodges Kibe's attack but notices that Kibe is attacking again. Gama then barely dodges again but notices that he is against the wall. When Kibe's attacks again, Gama pushes off the wall to increase the speed of Shidensen so that he can pass Kibe. Gama then tells Kibe that he is not going to lose and that he is going to deny the power of the drug. Gama then dodges Kib's next attack but get hit in the arm. When Kibe's attacks again, Gama is barely hit in the head. Gama then notices that Kibe's stance has changed. When Kibe attacks again, Gama is hit in the side. When Kibe changes to a swing, Gama evades by spinning and counter. Gama then tells Kibe that it doesn't matter is Kibe is strong because of a pill, because he is strong with the training he has gone through.

When Kibe attacks again, Gama evades it and cuts Kibe. Gama then follows Kibe when Kibe back off. Gama then attacks but it is blocked by Kibe. When Kibe attacks for above, Gama dodges and get on top of Kibe's weapon. Gama then uses Shidensen to travel up Kibe's weapon and cut Kibe in that arm. Gama then tells Kibe that Kibe has lose and that he can't swing his weapon anymore. When Kibe injects himself with another drug, Gama thinks that it is wrong and says that he will disprove Kibe's strength. When Kibe attacks, Gama is shocked by Kibe's speed and barely dodges. Gama then dodges Kibe's next attack and goes to attack. Gama is the shocked when Kibe catches his sword with his bare hands. Gama then let goes of his sword and blocks Kibe's punch, but is pushed back. Gama then thinks about how strong Kibe is and draws his other sword. When Kibe attacks, Gama dodges one and barely gets hit by a second one. Gama then remembers his years of training and the opponents that he faced. Gama then counter Kibe's attack with Shidensen and cuts Kibe's fingers off. Gama then attacks again but stops when Kibe coughs off blood.

Gama then watches as Kibe's begs for more of the drug from his friend. When Yashichi shows up and says that the match is over. Yashichi then asks Gama to acknowledge Kibe's strength, but Gama tells him that he can't. When Yashichi asks if it is alright to let them leave, Gama says that is pointless to kill someone who doesn't have the will to fight. Gama then listens as Yashichi tell them about the leaders personal corps.

Gama then continue his journey to Jouka with Kashitarou. While walking, Gama thinks about the Personal Corps and how he will not lose no matter what.

Eastern Gate ArcEdit

Days later, Gama arrives at the hideout with Kashitarou. Gama is then glad to see Shinnojou and Zenmaru, and asks if they had a rough time getting here. Gama is then surprised to see Arata and says that Arata has probably gotten stronger over the past year. Gama us then introduced to Kizaki Gensai, who reveals that he is their ally. Gama then meets with Iori and tells his that he will surpass Iori if he keeps slacking off. When Kamedenbou shows up, Gama says that he forgot that kamedenbou was coming too. They then begin their plan on the assualt of the castle.

Days later, Gama attacks the eastern gate with Iori, Shinnojou, Zenmaru, Kashitarou, and Arata. While attacking the guards, Gama cut down the commander Sanzou. When the gate opens, Gama is shocked when Riko walks through. Gama then watches as Shinnojou attacks Riko. When Shinnojou sword break, Gama says that he will take Riko on. Gama then says that he will show Riko of the power of the Ogame School. Gama then tells Riko that he will fight him one-on-one and that if he win the Riko will let them pass, which Riko agrees to.

Gama then attacks but Riko blocks it. Gama then continues with Gurensen but Riko blocks it. Gama then uses Shidensen and barely wounds Riko. Gama then listens as Riko tells him what his ability is. Gama then attacks but Riko dodges. Gama then continues with a spinning attack but Riko easily blocks it. Gama then attacks again but Riko blocks it and pushes Gama back. Gama is then pushed off balance when Riko uses Iwagui. Gama is then attacked by Gurensen, but Gama diverts it. Gama then attacks but Riko, blocks it with his wakizashi. Gama is then attacked and wounded in the leg. Gama then express how happy he is that Riko is strong. Gama then attacks but Riko blocks it with two swords. Gama then asks why Riko abandon then Ogame School, which Riko tells him. Gama then attacks with Shidensen and wounds Riko's shoulder. Gama then blocks Riko's attack. Gama then tells Riko that his sword has finally reached Riko and remembers when he used to train with Riko. Gama then tells Riko that he will make the Ogame School evolve. Gama is then pushed back when Riko uses Iwagui. Gama then listens when Riko says that Gama wins.

Gama then passes through the gate with the rest. After passing through the gate, Gama expresses his desire to face stronger opponents.

Yamanoue Kiyomori ArcEdit

Later, Gama and the others are discussing about the others. When Iori volunteers to go help them, Gama tells him not to die. When one of Riko's men shows up, Gama along with the rest follow him to a hideout that they can use. While heading to the hideout, Manjirou brings up the personal corps, which Gama says what he knows about them. When they get to the hideout, Gama is shocked when Zenmaru disappears.

Toudou Revenge ArcEdit

A day and a half later after Zenmaru and Kashitarou returns, Gama is listening as Shinnojou says that Kashitarou condition has become better. Gama is the shocked when Manjirou comes into the room and announces that something strange has happened in Jouka.

Matsumoto Muraku ArcEdit

Gama then listens as Manjirou tells them that the guards have thinned in Jouka. When Shinnojou says that they are going to scout tonight, Gama volunteers to stay and protect Kashitarou. Gama then says that he will stay with Kashitarou because its his fault that Kashitarou has gotten her.

Later that night when the others leave, Gama gets into an argument Zenmaru as whose fault it is that Kashitarou is in his current condition. Gama then notices something and says that someone is above them. When an intruder attacks  through the window, Gama quickly kills him. Gama then tells Zenmaru that they have more intruders. When more intruders enter, Gama says that he will take them on. Gama is then challenged by Sekiryuu and Seirin. Gama then wonders what their weapon are, which Gama dodges when Sekiryuu demistrates what his weapon is capable of. When Sekiryuu and Seirin attack, Gama counter and cuts them both down. He then tells them what he did in order to kill them before they die. Gama then kills another one, but is surprised when Muraku shows up and kills two of the intruders.

When Zenmaru asks who he is, Gama reveals who Muraku is and that he never beats him. Gama then thinks about how he doesn't know what Muraku is truely capable. Gama then tells Muraku that he is going to win and that Muraku is already with within his range. Gama then attacks Muraku but Muraku blocks it. Gama then thinks about how string Muraku is. When Muraku attacks, Gama dodges but still gets hit when Muraku manipulates the chain. Gama then remembers that Muraku is capable of freely to manipulate the chain like a living creature. Gama then dodges Muraku's attack but Muraku loops the chain around Gama's neck. Gama then gets his hand within the loop, but get stabbed in the shoulder. Gama then counters and barely slash Muraku on the neck. Gama then thinks about what he should next.

Gama then apologizes with Zenmaru, and says that he will only be concentrating on Muraku. When Muraku attacks, Gama dodges and counter. Gama attacks Muraku but Muraku blocks but is still wounded. Gama then attacked with Gurensen and knocks the sickle from Muraku's hand. Gama then attacks with Shidensen, and slash Muraku in the chest. Gama is then shocked when Muraku is fine, and that Muraku wearing an armor made of hair. Gama then wonders what is wrong with Muraku. Gama then becomes worried when Muraku pulls how his deadly weapon. Gama then dodges one of Muraku's attack, and then dodges Muraku's second attack while in mid-air. When Gama lands on the floor, he realizes that Muraku has set a trap for him. Gama is then pulls off-balance, and then barely diverts Muraku's attack. Gama then pulls Muraku's chain and then goes to attack. Gama then realizes that Muraku is covering his face and slash multiple times at Muraku's chest but does nothing.

Gama then barely dodges Muraku's next attack and thinks about what Muraku is capable of. Gama then listens when Kashitarou, who woke up, tells him to use that. When Muraku says that he knows what Gama is going to do and that he will not let him use it, Gama then draws both of his swords. Gama then blocks Muraku's next attack. When Muraku launches a duel attack, Gama blocks them both. Gama then blocks Muraku next attack but realizes that Muraku has wrapped him chain around his sword. When Muraku attacks again, Gama lets the sword that is wrapped go, and catches the chain after getting hit. Gama then lets the chain go and preforms Narukami. When Muraku tries to interrupt Narukami and attack Gama, Gama crosses into Muraku's blind spot and attacks with Kosen.

Gama then compliments Muraku and walks away. Gama then is then suddenly attacked by Muraku, to his surprise. Gama then tries to get a sword for Zenmaru but Muraku hits it away. Gama then dodges Muraku's attack, and then ducks under Muraku next attack. When Muraku loops a chain around Gama's neck, Gama gets his arm within the loop. When Muraku comes to finish Gama off, Gama slam his shoulder into Muraku's shoulder to stop the attack. Gama then grabs his sword, that is still in Muraku, and pulls it out. Gama then bids Muraku farewell and compliments Muraku's strength. Gama then listens when Kashitarou explains the techniques that he created.

Later after the rest return, Gama is in a meeting with the rest and says that they should take a chance and attack tomorrow. He also says that if it is a trap then they will work together and deal with it.

Then next day, Gama heads with the rest to the next day and notice that no one is their.

Arimaru ArcEdit

When the gates open, Gama watches as it is revealed that the advisor Tsukikage is the one that opened the gate. He then listens as Tsukikage reveals that he is their ally and that he works for the shogunate. After listening, Gama passes through the gate with the others. After passing through the gate, Gama thinks that they are even closes to were Jinsuke and Naoyoshi is.

While heading to the next gate, Gama notices that they are really no soldiers around. Gama then enters a sandy area with the rest and is attack by an enemy from underground. Gama then helps them other who were attacked, and then watches as Shinnojou handles the situation. Gama is then shocked when Arimaru pokes her head out of the sand. Gama then figures out what Shinnojou was planning all along, when Shinnojou wounds Arimaru. Gama is then shocked when Arimaru gets out of the ground. Gama then watches as Zenmaru takes over, after Shinnojou is badly injured. Gama then notices something when Zenmaru changes his stance. Gama is then surprised when Zenmaru blocks Arimaru's charge. Gama then tells Zenmaru that he is almost their and for Zenmaru to finish Arimaru off. Gama then notices the Zenmaru is using the 3rd mode of the kagutsuchi kata to finish off Arimaru. Gama then heads Shinnojou up, and says that they should head to were his father is now. Gama and the rest then takes up resident in a samurai's home for a few days.

Days later, Gama is talking with Kashitarou and Zenmaru about how they will attack then next gate tomorrow. Gama then talks about rescueing Naoyoshi and reveals who Naoyoshi is. Gama then reveals that they aren't going to let Kashitarou come with them tomorrow.

Then next day, Gama prepares to attack then day along with the rest.

Final Assault ArcEdit

Gama then charges through the gate, after Arata breaks it down and creates a smokescreen. Gama then thinks about how they will have to rescue Naoyoshi and then take his father down, when he is sudenly attacked by Shungaku. Gama blocks Shungaku's attack and thinks about how powerful it was. Gama then tells the others to go and that he will take care of Shungaku. Gama then reconizes Shungaku's weapon, which Shungaku introduces himself and that he is the master of Maki Baian.

Gama then notices that as second man is attacking him, and dodges. Gama is then attacked again and wounded in the leg. Gama then reconizes his bisento, which the man reveals that he is Yakushiji Eima of the Tengen School. Gama then says that he remembers Eima and how strong Eima was when he fought him. Gama then tells Eima that he won't lose to them today either. Gama then dodges Eima's next attack and thinks about how stronger Eima has become. Gama then attacks, but Eima blocks it and counters. Gama then barely dodges and jumps back but notices  that Eima is continuing his assualt. Gama is then cut in the neck and thinks about how Eima was able to cut him. Gama then tells Eima that Eima win against him and that he will show him his swordmenship.

Gama then attacks with Shidensen to wounds and knock Eima off-balance. Gama then attacks again but is surprised when Eima wonders him. Gama then dodges Eima's next few attacks and then cuts Eima on the leg. Gama then dodges Eima next attack and wonders how Eima is still coming at him. Gama is then wounded on the chest. Gama then diverts Eima's next attack and wounds Eima in the side. Gama then tells Eima that he now understands what Eima's strength is, and that he also has a reason why he can't lose. Gama then remembers when his father brought him to the Ogame School and what happened 6 years ago.

Gama then tells Eima that he is going to cut him down. Gama then charges at Eima and dodges Eima's attack. Gama then slashes Eima's face, and then attacks again but Eima blocks it. Gama then attacks again and slashes Eima in the side. Gama then thinks how Eima's last attack only grazed him, while his attack was fatal. Gama is then surprised when Eima gets back up. When Eima charges at him, Gama cut Eima in the neck and kills him.

Gama then listens as Shungaku says that Gama's match has gotten his blood flowing. Gama is then shocked when Shungaku deflects one of Arata's arrows. Gama then blocks Shungaku's attack. Gama then ducks when Shungaku continues his attack. Gama then attack but Shungaku blocks it. Gama then listens when Shungaku tell tells him what kind of eyes Gama has and what they all them. 

Shogunate Attack ArcEdit

Gama then jumps back and tells Shungaku that he is in a hurry and that he will cut Shungaku down if he stand in his way. Gama then blocks Shungaku's attack, and has his sword travel up the shaft and barely cuts Shungaku. When Shungaku asks if Gama is really going to the castle, which Gama says that he is going. Gama then listens as Shungaku tells him that the Shuganate plans to eliminate everyone. Gama then says that he is going to save Naoyoshi and cut down his father, which Shungaku tells Gama to go to the castle and that they are already surrounded by the Shogunate soldiers. Gama then asks why Shungaku is helping him, which Shungaku tells him. Gama then heads to where Naoyoshi is, cut down anyone who gets in his way, and thinks about how he will definitely get their.

Rescue Riko ArcEdit

When Gama get to Naoyoshi's location, Gama says that he made it and that Naoyoshi is really alive. Gama then tells Naoyoshi that they are going.

Itou Ranmaru ArcEdit

As Gama is about to takes Naoyoshi, Ranmaru stops them. Gama then tells Ranmaru that he has no more reason to battle him since Ranmaru had protected Naoyoshi. Gama then talks with Ranmaru about Jinsuke, which causes them to take a stance and prepares to fight. Gama then thinks about how this is the third time that he faced Ranmaru and remembers what happened the first time he faced Ranmaru.

When Ranmaru attacks, Gama barely blocks it. Gama then counters, but only cuts Ranmaru's clothes. Gama then thinks about how strong Ranmaru is and thinks that he will win. Gama then thinks how he will end this with the next attack, and uses Shidensen. When Gama gets close enough, Gama uses Kosen, but Ranmaru blocks it. Gama then backs off and wonder how Ranmaru was able to block his fastest attack. Gama the listens as Ranmaru tells him that he has the eye of divine sight.

Gama then thinks about what to do, and charges at Ranmaru. Gama then attacks Ranmaru's leg, but Ranmaru jumps. Gama then attacks with Shidensen, but misses and is wounds by Ranmaru's counter. Gama then listens as Ranmaru desribes what his ability is and how he has a reason to live. When Naoyoshi suddenly gets in the way and tries to stops the, Gama tells him that they have to fight. Gama then takes a stance and says that he will put everything on the line in this fight. Gama then charges and attack, but blocks when Ranmaru attacks.

Gama then jumps back and thinks about how he failed to pulls Kamui off. Gama then decides to try again and takes a different. Gama then remembers what Kashitarou told him about the technque and how it works. Gama then charges at Ranmaru and releases his attack after Ranmaru attacks. Gama then diverts Ranmaru's sword and cut Ranmaru in the side.

Gama then goes to finish Ranmaru, but Naoyoshi stops him. Gama then asks why Naoyoshi is protecting Ranmaru, and after listening, decides to let Ranmaru live. Gama then leaves, leaving Naoyoshi in the care with Manjirou, but is stopped by Ranmaru. Gama then listens as Ranmaru tells him that Jinsuke is dying from a disease.

Muhou Strongest ArcEdit

He then heads to Jinsuke location, saying that his dad shouldn't go anywhere. He reaches the main hall just in time to witness Jinsuke defeating Iori.

Conclusion ArcEdit

He then confronts his dying father, preparing to cutting him down, but despite his father's words, he eventually refuses to kill him, claiming that he wanted to crush down all he did and made, but since he's nothing left anymore, he'll try to overcome his skills in his own way. Eight days later he is last seen in the countryside with Iori, talking about their objective to surpass Jinsuke's sword with their own methods, and start wandering Japan once more.


Skills Edit

Gama has incredible abilities and to a great extent. He is naturally talented and genius swordsman. Gama is extremely fast and has a high degree of agility and bases his overall fighting style around this. Yashichi stated he had never seen a man with such talent, he progressed at an incredibly fast rate during battle, and that he had incredible strength like a rampaging god. Gama has such talent and skill that he was able to perform a double slash on his first try and even without pain despite the fact that he should have because of the strange needle training he was being put though.

  • Talent and Genius: Gama's most profound ability is his skill at using the sword. He is commented on for his high-level of skill in intercepting and winning against opponents that should have a considerable edge over him. He also has an intense amount of tactical skill being able to use situations such as sneaking up on opponents or hiding from them in order to attack them while they least expect it. Gama has also been known as a genius of the sword in which he comments he has been practicing since "day one" and defines his skill as his "will to win and grow stronger". This genius is best seen while training with Zenmaru in order to learn how to mask their presence within their attacks in which it took Zenmaru two more days than himself to master such thing. He is also often commented as "still growing", learning and evolving from battles and gaining more strength with his own experience. He is also capable of mastering new techniques within a relatively short period of time, such as "Kosen" one of Iori's signature techniques and "Narukami" which is the 3rd Level of the Ikazuchi Kata.
  • Speed: Gama is exceptionally fast and is commented as one of the fastest in the Ogame School even from Turtle-sensei also who commented that he was probably faster than him. Iori has also commented that he is able to keep up with his speed and thus he was ready to master the Narukami of the Ikazuchi Kata. As a result of his tremendous speed he usually uses the Ikazuchi Kata towards combat and has mastered this form. After the time skip, Gama has vastly improved in speed to the point where he can keep-up with Ranmaru who commented on "how he'd slightly grown in ability" and had even been able to outmaneuver him in combat showing a new level of speed.
  • Agility: Gama has impeccable agility, in which he has incredible amounts of quickness and reflexes in battle. One of the first showings of this skill was when he was fighting against the Tengen School and took on all three members of the school dodging each and every one of their lethal techniques even while they were attacking with combination strikes. Afterward he had been seen hiding on the roof from the Kyousen and providing a counterattack towards one of the three brothers. He has also been seen making variations of the Second Ikazuchi Kata, Shidensen such as making due with it in shorter ranges or using its quickness to provide counterattacks that would seem impossible, normally. After the timeskip Gama has enough quickness to dodge and counter attacks from "Jugan" users, in which he effortlessly defeated them until their leader "Ginki" came, in which he showed a high-level of quickness still after the man ingested two pills and even took a vein drug which gave his opponent even more battle strength.
  • Coordination: Gama has always had an exceptional amount of skill in coordinating his body and balancing himself in order to gain the upperhand in combat. One of the first showings of this was within the Tengen School while he fought against Baian and two other students and moved his body to dodge all of the attacks with great balance and skill. It has only gotten better since then, using his bodies balance to go up against Midou Shingo who had incredible abilities in the use of his spear and even used the first Dokou Kata, Aragami to counterattack an extremely powerful spear slash from him and also used a new technique with the Tosen and Shidensen in order to create an extremely powerful new attack. He also mastered Kashitarou's needle training and did an extremely fast double slash without knowing what he had done. After the timeskip, Gama has shown a tremendous amount of balance even against "Jugan" users and defeat them without much effort and go against "Ginki" who showed much greater prowess than they did, and was still outmaneuvering him in most of the fight until he used his trump card. Within his battle against Riko (a former Ogame student and master of defense) showed a new level of coordination which he felt the entire movement of his body and could control it to a greater sense. He is currently trying to master that feeling.
  • Perception: Gama has a high-level of perception. To the point that he can judge attacks that most would not be able to discern from and even dodge. One of the best showings of this was from his battle with the Nakaizumi School in which he could discern various arrows and predict their paths in order to redirect them with just his sword. Thanks to the training within "Presence", he has gained the ability to judge and counter attacks from opponents before they even move.
  • Strength: Though not his greatest asset, Gama has shown a high degree of physical strength being able to pick up a full grown man almost twice his size with effort and cut through steel using the Kagutsuchi Kata First skill, Hibashira. He is also not able to cut through steel normally however as seen while facing Sakon of the Kyousen and was overpowered by Ranmaru with little effort. During the timeskip, Gama has shown a vast improvement in physical strength enough to catch a blade bare-handed and send a man flying with one Mutou Tosen.
  • Eyes of Divine Sight (天覚ノ眼, Tengaku no Me): Like his father, Gama possesses incredibly perceptive eyes, allowing him to see clearly even the slightest movement. However, he doesn't take too much advantage from this technique, unlike Ranmaru.

Techniques Edit

Ogame-Ryu - Giant Tortoise StyleEdit

Ikazuchi Kata (Form of Thunder and Lightning): this form of the Ogame style focuses on speed, being the one Gama is most proficient in.

  • Shidensen (紫電閃 Purple Lightning Flash): To use this technique, the user falls down, then he gives himself a sprint with his feet in order to dash forward, combining the strength of gravity from the fall with his own and resulting in an incredibly fast movement. As he moves like this, the user slashes his opponent with his sword from below, usually an unprotected spot. This technique is described as the fastest among those of the Ogame School.
  • Narukami (鳴神 Rumbling God) - This technique is divided in three, precise movements, that must be performed when the target is in the right range of three steps (三歩の間合い Sanpo no Maai): First, there's the "Start" (序 Jo), where the user starts dashing towards the opponent, ready to spring, in order to catch his attention. When the enemy tries to attack, the "Crossing" (交 Ko) follows, as the user moves quickly sideways, out of the enemy's sight, apparently disappearing. Then before the enemy can react, the user finally cuts him to the flank (斬 zan) with a powerful slash, finishing him off before he can realize what happened.

Kagutsuchi Kata (Form of the Burning Blaze): This form of the Ogame style specializes in destructive power and strong attacks.

  • Hibashira (火柱 Pillar of Fire) - The user face the enemy sideways, with both arms raised over his head and bent. Then he hit the elbow of his sword arm with the other one and, at the same time, slide the sword's handle in the hand as he swings it. The resulting whip-like movement focuses all the strength on the tip, resulting in a steel-cutting attack.
  • Gurensen (紅蓮旋 Crimson Lotus Swipe) - This attack is similar to Hibashira. The user crosses his arms, with the right one pointing back and the left one up. Then, he swings his right arm while pushing it with the left one at the same time, resulting in a very powerful and wide swing.

Oboro Kata (Form of the Void): this form the Ogame style is all about "freeing" the body from the mind in order to control it and move/attack much more efficiently.

  • Kagenui (影縫 Shadow Stitch): For this technique the user needs to relax his body competely, adopting a "natural posture". Then, suddenly, use all his unused muscular strength to rotate the body, simultaneously evading a hit and going into range of an opponent. to the opponent it'd appear as if the user had disappeared.

Dokou Kata (Form of the Earth Lord): This form of the Ogame style is the most defensive one, although it was significant attack power.

  • Aragami (荒神 Wild God): A counterattack, the user raises his sword horizontally over his head. When the enemy weapon is about to hit him, he attacks the weapon with a downward slash while rotating the sword at the same time, resulting in a powerful blow that knocks back the weapon, chipping it.

Kamui Kata (Divine Majesty): this form of the Ogame style using one swift motion to block the attack and slash the enemy in a vital spot.

  • Ultimate Final Technique: Kamui (Divine Authority): The user takes a stance with the sword held horizontally and pointing backwards held with the other hand, and then wait for the enemy blow inside his area of attack. As soon as the enemy tries to attack, the user let the blade go and aim for the enemy blade, deviating it while slashing his enemy in a vital spot, usually on the side of the belly. Only those gifted with great skill and coordination can use this attack safely: if the attack fails, the user is done for.

Iori's Teachings: These are Iori's own signature techniques, taught to Gama.

  • Kosen (Tiger Drill): It's a thrust where you focus your body weight and the force created from turning your body into the tip of your sword, therefore multiplying the force and destructive power of the thrust several times over. it appears as if the sword is spinning like a drill.
  • Kosen Mutou (Swordless Tiger Drill): Unlike the kosen drill the Mutou version use the persons palm and send their opponent spiraling away.

Gama's Signature Techniques: Gama's own techniques that he has learned through the heat of combat.

  • Shidensen x Kosen: A technique that combines the use of Flash of Purple Lightning and Tiger Drill to make a powerful combination. The Shidensen increases his overall speed placing his weight into the sword and twisting it like a drill in order to use Kosen which makes a sort of drilling sword making an attack with tremendous speed and power.
  • Shidensen Kai (紫電閃 Modified Purple Lightning Flash ): This technique is identical to Gama's signature attack, Shidensen, except that while dashing Gama twist his wrist in order to change the following slash from downward to upward, resulting in an unexpected slash from above of great power. Being a new technique, it can take by surprise even skilled opponents like Ranmaru and even Riko.
  • Narukami x Kosen: A technique that combines the use of Rumbling God and Tiger Drill to make a powerful combination. The Narukami places him in the opponents blind spot than he strikes with the Kosen in the best way possible for a certain hit certain kill move.

Other Techniques: Gama has learned other techniques from other school during the Grand Unabara School.

  • Swallow: A skilled mixing of slicing and trusting. An attack that trusts in the interval when you start losing speed. Gama copied this attack from Baian after seeing it once, and replicated it with a staff, but eventually gave up in learning its secrets.
  • Koshucho (Kicked Leap in the Void): A jumping technique which allows the user to accelerate midair by kicking his own heels and rushing forward, getting closer to the enemy in an instant. Gamaran copied this attack from Ryuugo Daimaru and used it in the battle against Sakon.

Important BattlesEdit


  • Gama vs Murasame Riko (Multiple Time)(Lose)


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