Gaun Ryu



Kibakumo (Gaun) Ryu


Fanged Cloud Style



Former Leader

Kuryuu Ango

Former Members

Furuhashi Genya
Hasukawa Kiichi
Yoshifuku Jingyou

Gaun Ryu (牙雲(がうん)流, Fanged Cloud Style) is a style focused on nagamakijutsu. However, the school was disbanded as most of the members joined the Muhou School.

Known (former) MembersEdit

Weapons and TechniquesEdit

The Gaun School teach the use of the Nagamaki. This weapon, composed of a long blade on a roughly equally long shaft, is very difficult to use, but is deadly thanks to the weight and can be used at both long and close range, in a way similar to the naginata.


  • 'Tatsugiri ('竜桐 Paulownia Tree Dragon): Ango's personal nagamaki, it has a very long, sharp blade, but no other unusual characteristic.
  • 'Choushimaru ('長子丸 Eldest Son): Ango's other nagamaki, it has a shorter but thickier blade and it's abnormally heavy. It relies on the weight to crush down his foes.


Gaun School Secret Technique: Houkaizan ( Collapsing Mass Slash): To initiate this move, Ango leaves the Nagamaki over his head helding the end of the shaft with both hands. Then, he execute a very fast slash aimed forward, combining his strength with the gravity and weigth of the weapon.