Kenjutsu (剣術 Sword Technique) is the name of the Japanese martial art which involves swords (specifically, Katana and their variations). Kenjutsu is one of the most employed fighting styles in Gamaran. Practictioners of Kenjutsu are usually known as "Kenshi" (Swordsman).

Types of Kenjutsu[edit | edit source]

Ittou (One Sword)[edit | edit source]

The most common form of kenjutsu, where the katana is usually held with both hands (the right one near the handle and the left one holding the bottom). The sword is pointed towards the enemy's eyes, and can take a wide variety of stances for both attack and defense. The Five Sword Forms of the Ogame School use rare and peculiar stances by taking advantage of the bodies' potential. Certain schools also focuses on the use of very large swords, called Nodachi.

Nitou (Two Sword)[edit | edit source]

A special fighting style which uses both swords at the same time. While this makes the swords more difficult to handle and use in one hand, it also increases the defensive potential of the user, allowing him to block and attack his opponent in one movement. While most of the samurai used to carry two swords with them, they usually used only one of them at time.

Iaido (Drawing Technique)[edit | edit source]

A special branch of the one sword style, also known as "nuki" or "Battojutsu". Taking advantage of the curved blade, the attacker slash at his opponent while drawing, usually killing his opponent in one strike and resheathing after slicing. The resulting attack tends to be extremely fast and hard to avoid, and can't be easily anticipated.

Others[edit | edit source]

Some swords can't be properly classified, so their respective fighting style becomes more obscure and hard to identify. The series also offers an example of fencing with Mamiya Suzunosuke and his rapiers.

Schools and Styles using Kenjustu[edit | edit source]

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