Kuro Hajime
Biographical Information
Kanji/Kana 久路一
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age  ?
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Affiliation Muhou School

Soujin School (Formerly)

Style Soujin School
Manga Debut Chapter 107
Last Appearance Chapter 111

Kuro Hajime is the Commander of the 4th Corps of the Muhou School and former member of the Soujin School.


Kuro is a man with a broad face, white eyes and fair hair pulled back and with a noticeable "spike" on the back of his head, resembling an onion. He wears the typical uniform of the other Muhou School members, including white shirt with black shoulders, baggy pants and shoulderpads.


Kuro doesn't display much personality, but overall he seems to be confident and something of a simpleton, though he does display some shock after seeing the effects of Arata's Haou arrows. Nevertheless he's loyal to his master Riichirou, as he jumped in the fray against Shin to save him.


At some point in the past, he left the Soujin School for the Muhou School, and became Commander of the 4th Corps.


Ayanaka Forest ArcEdit

Kuro appears with the other students of Riichirou as he joins Kuryuu and Banri in their fight against the Ogame School. He and Toudou saves Riichirou's life when he's nearly beheaded by Shinnojo. During the attack of the Nakaizumi School Archers he gets wounded by an arrow in the back of his shoulder, and becomes surprised upon seeing Arata's Haou Arrow tearing down Kamiyama's arm. When Kuryuu orders the retreat, he leaves with the others and hasn't been seen again since then.


Being the commander of the 4th Corps, Kuro is supposedly very strong and skilled with his polearm, as shown when he saves Riichirou by delivering a fast slash at Shin.


Polearm (Axe Spear): Like his master and companions, Kuro carries an ordinary axe spear, which he can use well in battle. However, is unknown if he, like Hanamura and Toudo, can use the Nobori Hiryuu or not.



Kuro Hajime shares his name with the famous captain of the Shinsengumi Saitou Hajime.