Maniwa Juuhou
Biographical Information
Kanji/Kana 馬庭 重法
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age  ?(Deceased)
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Affiliation Muhou School
Style Unknown bojutu style
Manga Debut Chapter 57
Last Appearance Chapter 62

Maniwa Juuhou was the leader of the Second Raid Division of the Muhou School.


Juuhou is a tall, stern-looking man with piercing eyes, odd black eyebrows and black, spiky hair. He also has a short beard and a goattee. He sports a typical martial arts suit, with pants and a tunic with the symbol of the Muhou School on the back.


Juuhou is a very calm, cold person, who rarely loses his composure. He does show a certain degree of diplomatic skills, but is also shown to be very confident, as he walked in a hostile area without his weapon of choice. On the other hand, as Shin pointed out, Juuhou is easy to distract and doesn't react quickly to sudden events, as seen when a rambling Jinno distracted him.


Myoujin School Arc As Naoyoshi Washitzu prepares himself to deal with his brother Naokatsu, Juuhou and his men Shinjiro, Yamashita and Chuji spy on them from the ceiling.As Naokatsu is stabbed in the back by Omiya Banri, Maniwa and his men crashes through and enter the scene. Maniwa Juuhou introduces himself and explain the situation and his plans to the members of the Ogame School, inviting them to join the Muhou School.

Muhou Invasion ArcEdit

After receiving a negative answer, he picks up Jinno's spear Ginkan and challenges Shin to a fight, after taking note of the quality of his weapon. He and Banri start a violent attack against Shin, giving him a hard time. Eventually Maniwa ends up fighting Shinnojou alone and tries to kill him with his strongest technique, the Gaigou Resshin, but fails to harm him. The two warriors start to carefully examine each other, waiting for an opening, when Juuhou is suddenly distracted by a furious Jinno, who wants his spear back. Angered, he tries to dodge the old rambling man, but in doing so he fails to notice Shin's attack and is unceremoniously killed.


Maniwa was a powerful warrior, strong enough to give Shin a hard time, making him more dangerous than the typical warriors roaming in Unabara. While his fighting style is bo-jutsu, Maniwa doesn't have a staff with him like his underling Yamashita Tagosaku, but he uses a spear instead.


Divine Spear Ginkan (Silver Gate Bar): The spear of Ichiou Jinno, picked up and temporarly used in battle. Despite its looks and blade, Maniwa uses the weapon as a staff, striking with both the sides of the spear and holding it in the middle.


Gaigou Resshin (Thundering Violent Earthquake): Maniwa's stronges staff technique: after raising the staff at his top, he brings it down as he lowers all his body to put even more strength in the blow, resulting in a devastating attack capable of crushing any defense.