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Maruyama Ichida
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Maruyama Kouzou

Maruyama Ryu (丸山学流, Maruyama Style)is a school of kenjutsu that focuses on their three murderous swords. It partecipated to the Great Tournament of Unabara and later was hired by the Muhou School.


The only known members of the school are the three Maruyama brothers. It's unknown if they had disciples.


  • Maruyama Ichida: the eldest of the three brothers who weilds the Murderous Sword: Aogasumi.
  • Maruyama Terujiru: the second of the three brothers who weilds the Murderous Sword: Ginguruwa.
  • Maruyama Kouzou: the youngest of the three brothers who weilds the Murderous Sword: Kurotsuji.

Murderous SwordsEdit

  • Murderous Sword: Aogasumi (Blue Mist): Ichida's weapon, is composed by two twin swords with very thin blades, light as feathers, which are used in coupled. The blades are very sharp and thanks to their thinness they're also very fast, allowing Ichiro to unleash a barrage of deadly at
    • Aogasumi
    • Ginguruwa
    • Kurotsuji
    tacks in a matter of seconds.
  • Murderous Sword: Ginguruwa (Silver Enclosure): Terujiru's sword, is a rather complex-looking sword: the main blade is short and knife-like, while another, longer curved blade coming out of the back and pointing forward. According to Shimon, Terujida takes advantage of the sword's odd shape to take his enemy by surprise, disarm him and finish him off. Ginguruwa isn't seen in action as Shin uses it to kill Terujiru offpanel.
  • Murderous Sword: Kurotsuji (Black Crossing): Kouzou's sword is a nodachi (field sword) with a barbed edge resembling a fang. According to Shimon, the sword has a tremendous power, but the blade is snapped inhalf by Shin.