Naoyoshi Washitzu
Biographical Information
Kanji/Kana 鷲津直善
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age  ?? (alive)
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Family Daimyo Washitzu Naosata (father)
Affiliation Ogame School
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Last Appearance Chapter 194

The 28th son of Daimyo Washitzu Naosata and was the sponsor of the "Ogame Ryū" school. Naoyoshi is very determined to find the strongest martial artist to represent him in the Grand Tournament. Because his mother was a commoner, Naoyoshi has been mistreated and disrespected by his other brothers all his life. This treatment compels Naoyoshi to win the Grand Tournament so that he can change his own destiny.

Ultimately all of his brothers were killed and he became a tool for Jinsuke Kurogane and became damiyo with his mother being used to make sure he fulfilled his role. although his mother set everything up and is aware she is nothing more than a tool.

He usefulness for Jinsuke is reaching its end and he shall soon be killed. Currently he awaits for the arrival of Gama to rescue him.

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