Ogame Symbal
Ogame Ryu

大亀流 (おおがめりゅう)


Ogame Ryū


Giant Tortoise Style




Sakura Shinnojou

Former Leader

Oizumi Kamedenbou


Gama Kurogane
Ichinose Zenmaru
Sengoku Iori

Former Members

Jinsuke Kurogane
Kujou Mario
Ichinose Kai
Murasame Riko


Chapter 1

Ogame Ryu (大亀流, Giant Tortoise Style) is a non-conventional fighting style of kenjutsu. The techniques of Ogame Ryu are divided into five forms, each based on a different element (Lightning/Thunder, Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth) and principle. Their sigil is a turtle above a daisho.



Five Way'sEdit

Style's KataEdit

Form Specialty
Ikazuchi Kata (雷電型 Form of Thunder and Lightning) Speed
Kagutsuchi Kata (焔燃型 Form of the Blazing Flame) Strength
Oboro Kata (虚空型 Form of the Empty Space) Evasion
Mizuchi Kata (水龍型 Form of the Water Dragon) Ever-changing slashes
Dokou Kata (土公型 Form of the Earth Lord) Defence/Counter Attack
Kamui Kata (Form of Divine Majesty) All or nothing attack

Esoteric TechniquesEdit

  • Onigaeshi (鬼返, Demon's Return): A special, counterattack technique which always follows another attack, specifically a downward slash. After using said slash, the user turns his arm (so that the sword now faces upward) and twist his neck and shoulder a little, increasing his range at the cost of a dislocated shoulder. The slash that follows is very fast and due to the increased range can easily slash unprotected opponents who have lowered their guard.
  • Kosen (虎穿, Tiger Drill): It's a thrust performed while using the rotation of the whole body to increase the penetrating power of the blade, transferring all the strength to the tip and turning it into a drill. Thanks to this enhacement, the sword can now pierce even chainmail with ease. It's a sure-kill move.
  • Kosen Mutou (虎穿無刀, Swordless Tiger Drill): Unlike the Kosen the Mutou version use the persons palm and send their opponent spiraling away.
  • Muhyou No Jinrai (霧氷ノ迅雷, Hoar Frost Thunderclap): As an opponent charges forward, Kamedenbou holds his sword to his right side pointing upward and makes a downward step , kneeing down and dodging the incoming attack as the enemy get slices up by the blade without realizing. According to Rintaro, this is a form of counterattack where Kamedenbo take advantage of the opponent's attack to strike him down.

Combination TechniquesEdit

  • Shidenshen X Kosen (紫電閃 X 虎穿, Purple Lightning Flash X Tiger Drill): Developed by Gama, it's the fastest and strongest attack he can conceive, merging the penetrative power of Kosen with the speed of Shidensen. He first uses this attack to finish Midou Shingo off.[1][2][3]
  • Ogame Ryu Renbu (連舞大亀流, Combination Dance of the Great Tortoise Style): A special technique first used by Shinnojou Sakura where he flows Gekirin into Aragami into Onigaeshi to attack Banri, delivering him the scar on the face. It's the first time this combo is actually named Renbu. [4]
  • Narukami X Kosen (鳴神 X 虎穿, Rumbling God X Tiger Drill): Gama's variation of Narukami, which uses the Kosen instead of the last slash. This attack, used to kill Matsumoto Muraku has shown to be extremely deadly in battle.[5]
  • Kagenui X Gurensen (影縫 X 紅蓮旋, Shadow Stitch X Crimson Lotus Swipe): Zenmaru's first combined attack: he uses the Kagenui to spin, dodging any incoming thrusts and at the same time adding more strength to his spinning, Gurensen slash. It's used to kill Sakakibara Sasuke.[6]



Name Preferred Style Status
Kurogane GamaIkazuchi KataActive
Sakura ShinnojouMizuchi KataActive
Ichinose ZenmaruKagutsuchi KataActive
Sengoku IoriN/AActive
Oizumi KamedenbouN/AActive
Kurogane JinsukeN/ADefected/Deceased
Ichinose KaiKagutsuchi KataDefected/Deceased
Murasame RikoDokou KataDefected
Kujou MarioN/ADefected/Deceased
Myouga TessaiN/ADeceased
Tsubakibara SousukeN/ADeceased
Oizumi SenkaN/AActive


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