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Ogame Ryuu Goken no Shi: Mizuchi no Kata


Ogame School Fourth Sword Technique: Water Dragon Form


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Sakura Shinnojou

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Tanryuu Hibaku

Manga Debut

Chapter 25

Mizuchi Kata (水龍型, Form of the Water Dragon) is one of the five kata's of the Ogame School. It focuses on special, everchanging slashes.


First ModeEdit

  • Gekirin (逆鱗, Imperial Wrath): The user attacks with an apparently normal slash from above, only to quickly switch the position of his hands on the sword (The right slides down while the left grabs up, and viceversa), enabling him to change the direction of the slash at the last moment, surpassing the enemy guard.

Second ModeEdit

  • Tanryuu Hibaku (湍流飛瀑, Rushing Rapids, Cascading Waterfall): This technique is very similar to Gekirin, but instead of changing hands, the user simply removes his right hand entirely and uses the left one on the bottom of the handle to push while twisting the body in order to extend the reach, turning the slash into a thrust which leaves no escape to the enemy.

Third ModeEdit

  • Renkaiten (漣回天, Ripples that Change the World): A two stage acceleration, this technique starts with a "false" attack delivered with the right arm in order to build up energy, which  doesn't really connect as the user draw the sword back to the left, hiding it to the enemy's sight with quick movements. Then the user attacks for real with his left hand, furtherly increasing the destructive power of this slash thanks to the previous movement and by pushing the sword's hilt with his right hand.


  • Mizuchi is the name of a japanese mythological serpent who lives in the rivers and has an illusion-inducing breath.
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