Oizumi Senka
Biographical Information
Kanji/Kana 大泉千花
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age  ?? (alive)
Gender Female
Hair Color
Eye Color
Family Oizumi Kamedenbou (father)
Affiliation Ogame School
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Last Appearance Chapter 194

Senka is the daughter of the former Ogame School leader Oizumi Kamedenbou.




Senka was born the daughter of Kamedenbou and has live at the Ogame School for most of her life.


Introduction ArcEdit

Senka first appeared after Gama brings Naoyoshi and the Hyuuga Brothers into the Ogame Dojo, in which she apologizes for Gama's impoliteness and then introduces herself. She then asks why they came her and listens as Naoyoshi says that they came to see Jinsuke. After Gama reveals that Jinsuke is not here, she tells Naoyoshi that they only have one student here and its Gama. She then move to the side, when Gama is going to battle Masato after Masato had insulted the Ogame School. She then watches as Gama battles Masato. When Naoyoshi is worried about Gama, She tells him that he shouldn't be and that Gama has defeated everyone who has come to the dojo since the age of nine. Senka then reveals that Gama is the son of Jinsuke. She is then surprised when Naoyoshi stops Gama from finishing off Masato by blocking the blow. When Kamedenbou comes in, Senka reveals that he is her father. She then moves Masato and gets him healed up.

Kyousen School ArcEdit

Juuren Village ArcEdit

Year Later ArcEdit

47 Corps ArcEdit

The next day Senka is infront of Juuren village, along with everyone else, bidding Gama, Zenmaru, Shinnojou, and Kashitarou good bye. She then tells Gama to do his best and win. Afterwards she the watches as Gama, Zenmaru, Shinnojou, and Kashitarou leave.

Conclusion ArcEdit

Days later after the event and everyone returns, Senka brings tea to Naoyoshi, Yumeji, and Kamedenbou, along with Mika who did the same thing. She then argues with Mika over who's tea is better, which Kamedenbou then asks if they could get along better. She then listens as Naoyoshi explains what he plans to do for now on. 


Senka is not a fighter, but has shown that she can easily beat up Kashitarou.