Sakakibara Sasuke
Biographical Information
Kanji/Kana 榊原佐助
Also Known As "Heart Ripper"
Physical Description
Age  ? (decease)
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Family Unknown
Affiliation Myoujin School
Style Myoujin Style (Beninuki)
Manga Debut Chapter 40
Last Appearance Chapter 55

Sakakibara Sasuke is one of the Divine Spears of the Myoujin School.


Sasuke is a short teen. He has dark hair parted to the sides with some hanging in the front. He wears a white overshirt over a black under shirt, dark colored pants, and fingerless gloves that extend to the elbow.



Sasuke's blood-thirsty self

Sasuke first appeared to be calm person. When he enters a fight his true personality shows as he has a strong love of blood and enjoys mutilating his opponent.


Ten years before the start of the series, Sasuke became one of the Divine Spears by decapitating the other candidates.


Shinnojou's Revenge ArcEdit

Sasuke first appeared along with the rest of Myoujin School waiting for the Ogame School. He suggests that they go attack another school, but they decide to wait a little longer.

Myoujin School ArcEdit

When the Ogame School arrives, He thinks that Zenmaru is the son of the thousand man slayer. When they start fighting, He watch as Midou faces Gama first. When Midou is killed, he listen as his lord tells them to kill all of them.

He then goes and attack Gama but Ranmaru blocks it. He is attacked by Zenmaru and barely dodges it. He then asks what the swords name is, which Zenmaru tells him. Sasuke then goes into a bloody frenzy and attacks Zenmaru. When Zenmaru dodges, Sasuke tries to take off his head by pulling back but Zenmaru dodges. When Zenmaru attacks him, he dodges the first one but is cought surprised by the second one. He then loses an ear and get into more of a frenzy. He then attacks Zenmaru with a technique but Zenmaru deflects the spear. When Zenmaru tries to finish him off, Sasuke throws the spear but Zenmaru dodges and Sasuke is cut in half.


Sasuke is a capable fighter with Beninuki, having been able to decapitate the other candidates with it. According to himself, is because he always fought with the intent of murdering his opponent in a brutal way, viewing himself as a predator.


Beninuki (Crimson Extractor): is a long Katakama spear with a short sickle pointing out asymmetrically to the point. The spear can mutilate people in many different ways, and this is what gives it its name. Thanks to its size, Sasuke can also use Beninuki as a javelin and throw it at short distance as a surprise attack.


Chigarami (Blood Tangler): Sasuke trusts the spear while rotating the spear quickly and the design of the spear being asymmetrical to the point, causes the shaft to bend making it difficult to dodge.