Sengoku Iori
Biographical Information
Kanji/Kana 千石伊織
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 24 (alive)
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Affiliation Ogame School
Style Ogame Ryú
Manga Debut Chapter 21
Last Appearance Chapter 194

Iori Sengoku is the senior student and an instructor of the Ogame School. He first appears at the end of the first round. He's also the one who taught Gama all of the sword techniques he knows currently, including a few Iori himself created.


Iori is shown to be carefree and laid back, if a bit rude and aloof. He has also shown to enjoy fighting and will even seek out strong opponents just to fight them. He has the habit of judging the warriors he comes across, gauging their strength in a range of 0 to 10 or even from a range of 0 to 100, if the opponent is really worthy. Iori also has a strong desire to defeat Jinsuke and become the strongest swordman. Shinnojou has also mentioned that Iori can be a little extreme, as seen when he nearly kills Ichou during their battle while fighting unarmed. Iori despises weakness and outrightly states that he'll refuse to work for a leader weaker than himself, but he knows that he's not suited for being a leader himself .


Iori is an average man with black hair that is brushed back into a wide tail, and some hanging in the front. He has thin eyebrows and a hawkish nose. He wears a sleeveless coat with black shoulders, over a white overshirt with the Ogame School symbol on his sleeves, over a black undershirt, dark colored pants, white socks, sandals, and carries two sword on his hip.


Fifteen years before the start of the series, Iori at the age of 9, had his parents murdered in cold blood for no reason by a couple of ronin and bravely tried to avenge them by attacking the duo. But he was no match for the two, who planned to tie him up and torture him before finishing him off. He was saved by Jinsuke, who praised his courage and gave him a katana as a gift. Smitten, Iori followed Jinsuke and became his student. He initially refused to take sides during the battle between Jinsuke and the Ogame school, though it was revealed later that he opposed Jinsuke's betrayal and tried to defeat his former teacher himself and failed.


Kyousen School ArcEdit

Iori's return is mentioned by Shin while he's informing Kamedenbou. Iori himself is properly introduced as watches Gama's fight against Sakon while lying on a tree branch above Shimon Kudo, and asks him who's gonna win the battle and comment the fight. After Gama wins, Iori appears before him and says that overall he did well.

Post Round One ArcEdit

Iori explains his presence to Gama, but tells him that he's disappointed by his skills and points out that his fighting skills were mediocre at most and he would have died if he had to fight Ryuugo and Goro as well, and tells him to withdraw from the tournament, as he'll continue the battle instead. When an outraged Gama challenges him, he lends him his sword and draw the empty scabbard, accepting Gama's challenge. He then manages to see through his Shidensen attack and counters with a specular movement, blocking Gama's assault and sending him flying with Kosen. However, he's impressed enough to claim that Gama "passed" his test, and picks him up, leaving a message behind and telling him that he'll train him for the remaining 224 days. Later, in a cabin somewhere in the woods, Iori mocks a bound up Gama and tells him about the Five Dragons of Unabara, stating that he would have died if he had faced them in the first round. He then tells him that if he really wants to survive the following round he'll need to master a new technique, which eh uses to surprise Gama by seemingly disappearing from his line of sight. In the following days, Iori teach Gama how to use the Narukami and its Three Steps Area.

Shinnojou's Revenge ArcEdit

As a dead Misaku drops on the ground, Iori suddenly reveals himself by brutally killing Ukyo with Kosen and nonechalantely compliments Shin for the battle. When Shin inquires about his whereabouts, Iori points out that they should go and help Gama and the others against the Myoujin School.

Myoujin School ArcEdit

He and Shin would appear after the battle between Sasuke and Zenmaru in which he would go against a man named Jinno Ichio, one of the Four Divine Spears. With only brute force hand-to-hand tactics, he knocks him out in an instant, much to the disbelief of his comrades and the disdain of Shin. The battle would stop after Banri the leader of the Myoujin School decided not to fight against the Ogame School, leading to the automatic win of the Ogame and the loss of Naoyoshi's brother Naokatsu and his immediate death.

Muhou Invasion ArcEdit

Iori would go up against three opponents who commented on his "pressure." After commenting on their weapons, he was able to defeat them after some surpriseing displays of brute force, which allowed him to not only hold them off but also kill one of them, as if it were a game to him. However, the battle would be cut short and they would make their own retreats before he could finish them off.

Juuren Village ArcEdit

He returns with the gang to the dojo. After discussing the matter with Turtle-sensei, Iori comments that Gama and Zenmaru should go to the Juuren village in order to do more training, of which Gama insantly agrees due to his depression regarding his own "weakness." They travel to the village and are met by Yumeji, the daughter of Rintarou, who arrives later and is revealed to be someone that he and Shin also had to face during their younger days. They move onto the Juuren Village and Iori comments on Mika another daughter of Rintarou. After a few days, he is ready to watch the trainings of Gama and Zenmaru but stops once he sees Shin, who asks if Iori should also be training. Knowing that they shall fight, he decides to also prepare for the battle.

Meeting Shin, they both exchange strong words and begin to battle one another to determine who will succeed Kamedenbou as the leader of the Ogame school. Both were on equal level, each aiming to kill the other with incredible techniques, Shin's speed and agility being his trump card and Iori's brute force being his. Neither one could catch the other off guard with their strength. The battle would stop when Turtle-sensei interceded and decided to choose which one could be the leader. After some dialouge between Shin and Iori, Iori decides to give leadership to Shin much to Shin's own disdain. Iori also begins to make a plan for the Muhou school, which Gama realizes. He speaks with Iori who tells him some words of encouragement, "Don't look back at me, just be stronger than everyone...," creating profound words to follow and then leaving on to his quest to the Muhou School base.

Iori Invasion ArcEdit

Days later, Iori heads to the front gate of the castle in Jouka with a latter. Iori then tells the guards to get out of the way, which the guards get angry. A guard then asks who he is, which Iori introduces himself and says that he has business with Jinsuke. He then tells them that if they get in his way, then he will cut them down. Iori then enters the castle.

After entering the castle, Iori draws his sword and says what he thought would happen when he entered. Iori then says that he guesses that they won't let him through and that he will have to make his way to Jinsuke. Iori then yells and says who he is and that he will cut down anyone who gets in his way in meeting Jinsuke. When Kura steps forwards and challenges Iori, Iori cuts him down while Kura what still talking. Iori then says that he will make it to Jinsuke and that he is different for 5 years ago. Iori then tells the Muhou soldiers to come at him, which the soldiers charge at him. Iori then cuts down two soldiers and then charges to the next gate. Iori then runs into Maezono and Rinkei and cut them both down with one slash.

After making past the next gate, Iori cuts down some more soldiers and wonders how many soldiers does he have to cut down to get to Jinsuke. Iori then heads to the inner keep, which Nasu notices the bloodlust that is coming from Iori. Shibano then fires an arrow at Iori, which Iori blocks with his sword. When Chuuji and Nasu charges at Iori, Iori diverts Nasu's attack and kills Chuuji with Kosen. Iori then kills Nasu with the sword he first diverted Nasu's slash with. Iori then enter into the inner keep.

After entering the inner keep, Iori is escorted by Shimon to Jinsuke. Iori then ask why he is treated as a guest, which Shimon tells him that its Jinsuke's order. Iori then remembers when he first meet Jinsuke. He then enters the room that Jinsuke and the rest of the Advisors are in. Iori and Jinsuke then talk about when they first meet, how strong Iori has become, and about what happen 5 years ago. When Nachi brings in two soldier that have been tortured, Iori reconizes them both and notice what happened to them. Jinsuke then explains their rules, which Iori tells Jinsuke that Jinsuke is a sorry sight with the way he is now. Iori then tells Jinsuke that the Ogame School will get stronger within a year and that they will settle things at that time.

When Ango starts yelling at Iori, Iori tells him that he came here with the idea of dying in the fight place and that he will take half of them with him. When Ango recieves his weapon, Iori thinks about Ango's weapon of choice and takes a stance. Iori then charges at Ango but is stopped by Jinsuke. Iori is shocked and thinks about how Jinsuke was able to stop his attack. Iori then listens as Jinsuke agrees to Iori terms and tells him that the Muhou School won't attack the Ogame School for a year.

The next morning, Iori leaves the castle and thinks about how they will need a miracle to win. Iori then tells the guard, who he punched last night, to tells Naoysohi that Gama will come to rescue him in a year. Iori then sends a letter to the Ogame School explaining what has happened. 

47 Corps ArcEdit

A year later, Iori is at the hideout in Jouka with Gensai. When Gensai asks how long they have to wait, Iori tells him that they will have to wait for the others. When Gensai brings up that they can do pretty well themselves, Iori says that the others will be here soon, so don't be in a rush.

Ayanaka Forest ArcEdit

Later, Iori comes to the rescue of Shinnojou and Zenmaru, with Gensai, when they notices that two advisors leave the castle. Iori then tells Shinnojou and Zenmaru, that since they were late, they came to get them. Iori then tells Shinnojou that they are goign to have to cut their way out of here. Iori then fight back-to-back with Shinnojou. Iori then notices that atmosphere are their opponents and tells Shinnojou to not let his guard down.

Iori is then slashed when Riichirou attacks. Iori then notices Ango is attacking, and is saved by Shinnojou. Iori then saves Shinnojou when Banri attacks a pinned Shinnojou. Iori and Shinnojou then get back up when the enemy jump back. Iori then talks with Shinnojou about what they plan of action will be. Iori then draws his second sword and blocks Ango and Banri's attacks. He then notices that Riichirou is attacking, but is saved by Gensai. Iori then informs the others that their enemies are fixated on Shinnojou, and wonders what they are going to do. Iori is the surprise when arrows start to fly at they enemy. Iori then asks if Gensai has something to do with this, which he listens was Gensai tells them that they have another ally. Iori then says that if thing continue then he not going to get to do anything. When then Muhou soldiers retreat, Iori head back to the base with the rest.

Eastern Gate ArcEdit

A day later, Iori listens to Arata and why he is helping them and says that they will have to just wait for Gama. When Gama arrives, Iori heads up to Gama and comments about how he bet that Gama has gotten stronger. When Kamedenbou arrives, Iori apologizes along with the rest for forgetting about him. Iori along with the rest the plan about how they will assault the front gate.

Days later, Iori attacks the eastern gate along with Gama, Shinnojou, Zenmaru, Kashitarou, and Arata. While attacks the gate, Iori tells the rest to break through the gate before the reinforcements come. When then gate opens up, Iori notices that Riko is the one that opened it up. Iori then watches as Shinnojou attacks Riko and fails to wound Riko. Iori then watches as Gama decides to take on Riko instead. During the fight, Iori comments about Riko's strength and how Gama is going to get stronger by facing him.

After Gama wins, Iori tells Riko that they are going to stops Jinsuke and for them to meet again afterwards. Iori then passes through the gate along with the rest.

Yamanoue Kiyomori ArcEdit

Later, they are talking about Kamedenbou and Gensai, which Iori volunteers to go help them. Iori then tells Gama to not to die, which Gama tells him the same. Iori then leaves and tells the rest to stay alive and meet up again.

later, Iori meets up with Tsukikage who is working with him. Iori then listens as Tsukikage tells him that their is a traitor within the Muhou School and that their plans will begin tonight.

Front Gate ArcEdit

Iori then asks why Tsukikage is betraying Jinsuke, which Iori listens as Tsukikage tells him why he is betrying Jinsuke. Iori then thinks about who Tsukikage's master is. When Tsukikage reveals that a members of the personal corps is heading to the front gate, Iori calls him a dumbass and head to the front gate.

When he gets to the front gate, he attacks and wounds Tsurumaru who is about to attack Kamedenbou. Iori then talks to Kamedenbou about how they made it through the other gate after they defeated Riko. Iori does to challenge and wonders when Tsurumaru combines both his swords. Iori then gets excited and says that he will cut Tsurumaru down if he is trash.

Iori then notices Tsurumaru's stance and dodges when Tsurumaru attacks. Iori then notices that Tsurumaru is attacking again and jumps back but is still wounded. Iori then wonders how he was wounded. Iori then expresses how glad he is that he is fighting an opponent who is able to wound him. Iori then tells Tsurumaru to come at him.

When Tsurumaru takes a different stance, Iori notices that Tsurumaru next attack will be an all-out attack. When Tsurumaru attacks, Iori dodges but notices that Tsurumaru has changed the direction of his attack. Iori then blocks it by stabbing his sword into his leg. Iori then counters and wounds Tsurumaru's eye and arm. Iori then attacks again and cuts Tsurumaru down. Iori then goes and helps Kamedenbou with the soldiers.

Toudou Revenge ArcEdit

When a bell rings, Iori then wonders what that bell is about. When Tsuchiryuu leaves, Iori wonders why he withdrew suddenly. Iori then break through the gate, with Kamedenbou and Gensai but gets seperated afterwards.

Shogunate Attack ArcEdit

Days later when the Shogunate attacks, Iori makes it to the inner keep and is with Manjirou. Iori then talks with Manjirou about saving Riko, who was captured after he was defeated by Gama.

Rescue Riko ArcEdit

Iori then heads to Riko's location with Manjirou. While heading to Riko's location, Iori cuts down anyone in his way. Iori then asks Manjirou, if the way they are heading is where Riko. He is then attacked by two soldiers, which Iori easily catches the attacks and kills them both with Kosen. Iori then heads to Riko's location, where he says that Riko is looking better the he expected. Iori then tells Riko that after they get him out of the cell, he will head to Jinsuke is. Iori then asks where the key is, which Ango shows up and says that he has the key. Iori then listens as Ango tells him why he is their and challenges Iori. Iori then says that he excepts Ango challenge and that Ango will make a good warm up before facing Jinsuke.

When Manjirou get scared, Iori tells him to he will end it in an instant and draws his sword. When Ango attacks, Iori easily dodges and tells Ango that he is slow, Iori then wounds Ango in the chest and notices that it is shallow. Iori is then shocked when Ango suddenly attacks and is wounded. Iori then listens as Ango praises him and that he won't give Iori a chanse to escape again.

When Ango raises his sword and says that he will finish it, Iori draws his second sword and tells him to do it. When Ango attacks, Iori crosses his swords and cut Ango's Nagimaki in half. Iori then thanks Ango for letting him enjoy himself for a little moment and then tell Ango that Ango can't stand up against him. When Ango stands up, Iori tells him to stop and that Ango can't stand against him. When Ango says that he has no intention of losing, Iori turns and says that he will end Ango. When Ango charges, Iori also charges at Ango. While charging Iori lets him sword go, blocks Ango with his hand, and defeats Ango will his other hand. Iori then says that he doesn't need to use a sword against a master whose mind has snapped.

Iori then lets Riko out of his cell and says that now is the time to settle things with Jinsuke. Iori then heads to Jinsuke's location with Riko.

Itou Ranmaru ArcEdit

Later, Iori meets with Jinsuke and talks about how everything is going what Jinsuke has planned and that they shogunate is attacking. Iori then tells Jinsuke that he will end his ambition. When Jinsuke repeats why Iori is hear, Iori explains that it is his mission to do it bacause Iori is Jinsuke's best student. He then listens as Jinsuke says that he will except Iori's sword.

Muhou Strongest ArcEdit

Iori then says that it sounds like he is being undereastimated and that he doesn't feel like losing to a person carrying dead weight. Iori then draws his sword and says that the title of strongest of all time will be his. Iori then charges at Jinsuke and then slashes at each other, but notices that their slashes were equal. When Jinsuke tries to push him over, Iori stands his ground and tells Jinsuke that Jinsuke's sword is light. Iori then pushes Jinsuke back and wounds him. Iori then explains to Jinsuke that everything that Jinsuke is doing is causing his sword to become slow and light. Iori also reminds Jinsuke that Jinsuke told him once to enjoy battle, and that he will Jinsuke cast everything aside and make him enjoy this battle. Iori then listens as Jinsuke says that he is right, and notices that Jinsuke's strain is done. Iori then listens as Jinsuke apologizes about the impurities in his swordmenship.

Iori is then shocked when he is injured and wonders where the speed came from. Iori then asks if Jinsuke is getting serious, which Jinsuke responds by says that he doesn't know and that this battle is enjoyable then before. Iori then asks Jinsuke last blow was a nasty one, and that this is exactly what the strongest of all time he was hoping for. Iori is the suddenly wounded again and tells Jinsuke to shut up when Jinsuke asks who's the one strained now. Iori then thinks about how relaxing is the most basic and essential, and how Jinsuke is completely relaxed and has no strain. Iori then wonders if he should be insulted or be glad, and that their is no doubt that the man standing before him is the strongest of all time.

Iori is then suddenly attacked again and wounded in the leg. Iori then drops to his knee and thinks about how sharp and quick the attack was. Iori then thinks about how he put everything into dodging but still couldn't read Jinsuke's movements. Iori also thinks about how Jinsuke's presence is intimidating even without a stance. Iori then thinks about how Jinsuke's narutal posture and how Jinsuke can probably handle an attack from any angle. Iori then thinks about Jinsuke's ultimate stance and how their is no opening, and wonder if he can beat this guy. Iori is then attacked again and thinks about how he can barely see any of Jinsuke's movements, and that he is going to be taken out like six years ago. Iori then thinks about how he has lived to surpass Jinsuke and that this is his last chance to do so. Iori then thinks that he will have to enjoy the sword even if that means that he has to forfeit his life, just to rise where Jinsuke is. Iori then abandons his stance, which Jinsuke compliments him.

Iori then decides to lose himself in the battle and slashes a piece of Jinsuke's jacket off. Iori then thinks about how Jinsuke taught him about the sword and how he can never thank Jinsuke enough for he can now fight in this ultimate battle. He then attacks again, but he notices that Jinsuke dodges without falling back. Iori then tries to dodge Jinsuke's counterattack, but gets wounded in the shoulder. He is then shocked when Jinsuke coughs up blood and asks what is going on. Iori listens as Jinsuke says that its nothing and that the next attack will decide the match, which Iori thinks about how Jinsuke is dyingfrom a disease and how he will kill Jinsuke with his sword. Iori then raises his sword above his head and thinks that Jinsuke title will be his. He then tells Jinsuke that this is their destiny and then charges. Iori then thinks about how he is glad that he met Jinsuke and then attacks using Renkaiten. He then thinks about how he is inside Jinsuke's defenses, but is shocked when Jinsuke dodges his attack. Iori then notices that Jinsuke is counterattacking, and then drops his sword. Iori then tries to draw his second sword, but Iori is defeated and knocked unconscious using Mutou Kosen.

Conclusion ArcEdit

Later, Gama tries to get Iori out of their put Iori watches up when they reach the hallway.

Eight days later Iori meets up with Gama and says that he is going on a journey to surpass Jinsuke. He then asks Gama to join him, but Gama refused. Iori then tells Gama that the journey is a long one, which Gama says that that is what makes it worth while. Iori then tells him that the fight is one to see who gets the title first.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Iori is a powerful and skillful combatant, and one of the strongest swordsmen in the series. People often comment on his amount of "pressure," or killing intent, which he gives off in combat situations. This is often enough to make many opponents sweat in fear of him. He was personally trained by Jinsuke Kurogane who holds him in high regard, noting that he would be ranked in one of the highest position of the Muhou School had he chosen to leave the Ogame school with him. He is a master of the Ogame Style and taught Gama many powerful skills to be used during the Unabara tournament. During his raid on the Muhou School he had only one serious wound despite engaging and defeating over forty men.

One of his most commented on abilities is his brute strength, which is on a high enough level to easily pull two strong combatants closer to him on a whim while chained. During his clash with Shin, his sword strikes were commented on as having the ability of numbing his hand and stinging greatly. He also has surprising speed, able to easily keep up with Gama while he was using Shidensen before the time-skip. He also has an incredible willpower, capable of fighting an opponent while being largely unaware of their abilities and still keeping his calm in the heat of danger.

Iori is also a good teacher, being responsible for nearly all of Gama's combat abilities before the time-skip. Due to his mastery of the Ogame Style, it is assumed that he knows most of the techniques it has to offer, second only to Kamedenbou and Shin, who have access to the school's most secret and forbidden techniques given their status as former and current leader, respectively. He also created his own skill, Kosen, a very effective thrusting technique which he also taught to Gama.

Surprisingly, Iori also seems to have some skill at karate, since he can also fight unarmed and deliver life-threatening injuries. Examples include the "Hammer Strike fist" he used against Jinno and Hyuuga Masato and the palm strike used in the Kosen Muto attack.


Ogame-ryu - Giant Tortoise StyleEdit

First Form - Lightning - Ikazuchi Kata (雷電型 Form of Thunder and Lightning): A style focused on speed and fast attacks.

  • 2nd mode, Shidensen (紫電閃 Purple Lightning Flash) - To use this technique, the user falls down, then he gives himself a sprint with his feet in order to dash forward, combining the strength of gravity from the fall with his own and resulting in an incredibly fast movement. As he moves like this, the user slashes his opponent with his sword from below, usually an unprotected spot. This technique is described as the fastest among those of the Ogame School.
  • 3rd Mode: Narukami (鳴神 Rumbling God) - This technique is divided in three, precise movements, that must be performed when the target is in the right range of three steps (三歩の間合い Sanpo no Maai): First, there's the "Start" (序 Jo), where the user starts dashing towards the opponent, ready to spring, in order to catch his attention. When the enemy tries to attack, the "Crossing" (交 Ko) follows, as the user moves quickly sideways, out of the enemy's sight, apparently disappearing. Then before the enemy can react, the user finally cuts him to the flank (斬 zan) with a powerful slash, finishing him off before he can realize what happened.

Second Form - Fire - Kagutsuchi Kata (焔燃型 Form of the Blazing Flame): A style focused on strength and powerful attacks.

  • 2nd Mode: Gurensen (紅蓮旋 Crimson Lotus Swipe) - This attack is similar to Hibashira. The user crosses his arms, with the right one pointing back and the left one up. Then, he swings his right arm while pushing it with the left one at the same time, resulting in a very powerful and wide swing.

Fourth Form - Water - Mizuchi Kata (水龍型 Form of the Water Dragon): A style which relies on special, everchanging slashes.

  • 3rd Mode: Renkaiten (漣回天 Ripples that Change the World) - A two stage acceleration, this technique starts with a "false" attack delivered with the right arm in order to build up energy, which  doesn't really connect as the user draw the sword back to the left, hiding it to the enemy's sight with quick movements. Then the user attacks for real with his left hand, furtherly increasing the destructive power of this slash thanks to the previous movement and by pushing the sword's hilt with his right hand.

Other Techniques

  • Kosen (虎穿 Tiger Drill) - It's a thrust performed while using the rotation of the whole body to increase the penetrating power of the blade, transferring all the strength to the tip and turning it into a drill. Thanks to this enhancement, the sword can now pierce even chainmail with ease. It's a sure-kill move, and Iori's signature technique
  • Kosen Mutou (虎穿無刀 Swordless Tiger Drill)- The same as Kosen, but now performed with his bare hands, resulting in a tremendous fist that can send the opponent spiraling away.

Important BattlesEdit




  • Iori shares a similar name and role with the real life swordsman Yori Miyamoto, the adoptive son of Musashi Miyamoto. Both were kids without a cause or a future who were saved by powerful and skilled swordsmen (Jinsuke/Musashi) and trained in the way of the sword.
  • In the series, Iori has lost to no one but Jinsuke Kurogane.
  • Sengoku (千石) literally means "A Thousand Koku". Koku was an ancient japanese measure for rice, and famous warriors had their worth gauged in how much koku of rice they were paid. Thus, implying that he's worth a thousand koku, hence a powerfu warrior.
  • Over the course of the series Iori has ranked several characters, including: Tagosaku (3), Shinjirou (4),Chuuji (7), Masato (0), Yumeji (2), Shinsuke (70) and finally Ango (75, then 0)
  • Originally, Nakamaru thought of Iori as the "Final Boss" of the manga, but ultimately made him a good guy.
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