Shibano Ippi
Biographical Information
Kanji/Kana 芝野一飛
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age  ?
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Affiliation Muhou School
Style Unnamed Archer Style
Manga Debut Chapter 82
Last Appearance Chapter 83

Shibano Ippi is the commander of the 8th Guard Division of the Muhou School.


Ippi has short light colored hair withsome hanging in the front, thin eyes along with thin eyebrows. He wears a white over shirt with black lines going down the sleeeves and the Muhou School symbal on the sleeves, along with black armor on the chest, over a high collar white under shirt, white pants, toesless and healless black boots. He also has bandages wrapped around his forearms and ankles, and carries a bow and arrow pack.


Ippi is sadistic as he is wish to make a man suffer before killing him. He will make the person suffer mortal anguish by using poison and smearing shit over them. He also has a fetish with dead corpses as his desire to have fun with Iori's corpse, if he had killed him. 


At one point Ippi had join the Muhou School and became the commander of the 8th Guard Division.


Iori Invasion ArcEdit

When Iori invaded the Muhou School, Ippi showed up at the meeting between Nasu Souun, Chuuji, and Shinjirou. He explain that he can kill Iori and also tells them how he will kill him. He then asks for the corpse after they are done, which Nasu agrees to. He then gets into position along with the others. When Iori shows up, Ippi is shocked by his presense. He then fires one of his arrows but is surprised when Iori blocks it with in sword. Later he is captured and has his arrows put through him without killing him. He is then presented to Jinsuke for abandaning his position along side Shinjirou. It's unknown wheter he succumbed to his own poisoned arrows or not.


Ippi is a strong archer as he was made the commander of the 8th Guard Division. He is also the fastest archer within the Muhou School. Ippi arrows as special as the are thin poles with a spiral pattern and a sharp point and no feathers.


Unnamed Bow: Ippi's bow is huge compared to the wielder, colored black and symmetrical, unlike Arata's asymmetrical japanese bow, and overall resembles a welsh Longbow.

Unnamed Poisoned Arrows: Ippi's arrows are long and thin, resembling simple stakes without feathers, and with a small, spiral carving along them, which make them move like drills. They're also smeared with a nasty poison which causes an atrocious dead, leaving the victim agonized and covered in his own excrements.