Soujin Ryu



Soujin Ryu


Sect's Formation Style


Cross Spear, later Axe Spear

Former Leader

Hanamura Keijirou (Deceased)

Former Members

Hanamura Riichirou
Kuro Hajime
Toudou Koma

Soujin Ryu (宗陣(そうじん)流, Sect's Formation Style) sometimes misread as "Shuujin School" was a school of sojutsu focused on the use of the Juumonji Yari or Cross Spear, firstly mentioned by the Daimyo. With the death of their leader at the hands of Kurogane Jinsuke, its members joined the Muhou School and learn to fight with the Axe Spear.

Soujin School SymbalEdit

The Soujin School symbal is a black circle with a black cross in the the circle.


Weapons and TechniquesEdit

The school was specialised in the use of the cross spear, but after the assimilation from the Muhou School they discarded it in favor for a new, foreign weapon: the Polearm or Axe Spear. However their techniques survived with their new weapons.


Juumonji Yari: (十文字槍 Cross Spear): is cross-shaped spear, also called 'curved spear'. the spear looked something similar to a tridentor partisan, its has a centre spear with a pair of curved blades around its central lance. They are occasionally called magari yari in modern weaponry texts.

Polearm (Axe Spear): The halberd is a Axe spear based on the european weapon, which consists of an axe blade topped on a spiked 'pole spear' and is normally wielded with two hands.

Halbert: Riichiro's special halbeard, it has a more elaborated head, sharper edge and is presumably heavier and better built. It's also elastic enough for him to use Nobori Hiryuu with it.


Nobori Hiryuu ( 昇飛龍 Ascending Dragon) Riichirou stabs the spear into the ground and then bends the shaft to create tension before releasing the spears tension upwards creating a super fast and inescapable upthrust killing the enemy instantly.