Biographical Information
Kanji/Kana 矢七
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age  ?
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Affiliation Muhou School

Kibe School (Formerly)

Style Unknown, Presumably Kibe Style
Manga Debut Chapter 93
Last Appearance Chapter 102

Yashichi is a member of the 47th Corps and the best friend of Kibe Ryuuhou.


Yashichi is a young man of average height, with dark skin and white hair, likely an after effect of the Juugan. He wears a black shirt with black pants, white belt and sandals. He carries what seems to be a small bamboo tube on his hip.

In the past, Yashichi looked overall the same, except that his skin was white and his hair was black and longer.


Unlike the members of his team, Yashichi is a very calm, lucid person, and really cares for his friend Ryuuhou. He's willing to support him and his plans for becoming a God of Battle, but he also puts his health at best. He doesn't like fighting, as he doesn't carry a weapon nor he tries to attack Gama and Kashitarou after Ginki's defeat.


In the past he was a member of the Kibe School when he assisted to the battle between Ryuuhou and Hanamura Riichirou, and heard of the Juugan Project. He became a member of the 47th Corps along with Ryuuhou and the other warriors and apparently his skin and hair color changed due to the Juugan usage.


47 Corps ArcEdit

He first appears with Kibe as they hear the explosion at the bridge, meaning that the two sentinels of the 47th Corps fought the Ogame School. After inspecting the wrecked place, he and the others manage to catch up with Gama and Kashitarou. Yashichi and Kibe overlooks the following battle, commenting on Gama's power. Then, Kibe takes the drug and becomes Ginki, with Yashichi watching over him and commenting his battle against Gama Kurogane, showing surprirse and fear when Ginki injects himself with the special Juugan. After Kibe's defeat, he looks as the raving warrior asks for more drug. Without hostility, Yashichi recognize his defeat at the hands of the Ogame School, warns Gama about the presence of the Personal Corps ahead and then leaves with Kibe on his back, explaining his intention of nursing him back to health and then leave Unabara.


Yashichi is the only member of his group who doesn't fight, nor takes the Juugan, so his actual fighting abilities are a mystery. Since he doesn't carry weapons on him he may be a bare-handed fighter.